Pause Fest 2020 is just what you need

At Pause Fest, you will meet the people from behind the scenes from the likes of Qantas, Nine Powered, Dentsu, BBD, EFTPOS, Telstra, ANZ, Coles, EY, Wrays, Mini, Startmate, Origin Energy, StartupsAUS, UniSuper, Medibank, WeWork, CSIRO, plus a growing list of luminaries in the tech, creative and business worlds.

Not forgetting the media: The New York Times, Business Insider, WIRED UK, Tech Crunch, SmartCompany, AdNews, B&T, The Australian, AFR, The Age and more will all be in attendance…


  • Top-notch speakers, endless innovation and high-fives.
  • Progressive workshops and extraordinary experiences.
  • Leading startups, VCs, Pause Incubator and Tech Garden Expo.
  • Non-awkward networking and mentoring sessions.
  • Classy VIP dinner and business breakfast.
  • Hottest afterparty and ongoing entertainment.


Many forward-thinking businesses, iconic labels, tech giants and global leaders from different industries have decided to join Pause Fest. There is a reason for that.


What can be more powerful than your voice on their stage, driving the conversations that pave the way for the future and filled with insights and practical magic? Aid your PR by taking the opportunity to tell your story. Tell it on a stage in front of hundreds of people who want nothing more than to hear your story.


Give their attendees the experience and taste of your product or service in the environment buzzing with innovation and creativity. Even small enterprises have the opportunity to speak in this forum, allowing them to gain awareness like they’ve never seen. Get up and tell your story to show people what your company is, what it does, and why consumers should be following your company’s journey.


It’s not about the size; it’s the quality that matters. Their 2,000 forward-thinking, thirsty go-getters from creative, tech and marketing businesses are ready. You can gain so many contacts from a platform like this.


50% of their attendees are looking for a new opportunity. If you are looking for new talent, there is a fair chance you could obtain your best candidate at the event. How quick can you do an interview? Don’t forget to bring business cards for the best candidates out there, or your best prospects.


Early adoption is their thing. Get your product in their audience’s hands, and they will thank you for it. They love to be the event where they see or experience your product for the very first time. Launch your product with a bang – this is the platform!


What results when the whole innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem collaborate? Well, they build businesses and drink beers. Join in with the beers and business, especially at the afterparty on the first day – a launch party.



Get down to business. For companies or pros looking beyond the horizon, business growth and development, team building, potential clients and new talent.

Exclusive for companies, businesses, scaleups, government organisations and corporates who are looking to stay ahead of the curve, connect to startups, discover new talents or clients, team building and rewarding, business development and gaining forecast trends and insights.


Find new horizons. For the pros exploring the next step in their professional journey, trends, new ideas, collaborators and inspirations.

Exclusive for professionals, employees, freelancers, consultants and educators who are looking to upskill, get new work, collaborate, connect to corporates or startups, find a job or a new client and learn something new. All for personal and professional growth and inspiration.


Build your future. For founders watching for new encounters, traction, co-founders, connections, mentors and investors.

Exclusive for early-stage founders, designers, students, developers who are looking to expand their circles and tap into a broader network that will help them commercialise their ideas. Ideal for finding co-founders, mentors or investors, new skills building, peer-to-peer advice and inspiration.

New ways to use digital marketing for business

When it comes to finding new ways to use digital marketing or SEO marketing for your business, you need to start by looking in your own backyard.  Having a strategy in place will pave out the way for you and tell you exactly where to look for the best digital marketing ideas for the business (this is for those of you who haven’t hired a digital marketing agency).

Ensure you have asked and answered the following:

Who is your audience?

You need to start with buyer personas. These include the qualities that you would like to see within the ideal customer:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Motivations
  • Challenges
  • Geographical locations
  • Challenges
  • Personal interests
  • Shopping preferences

What is your main goal?

Identifying the goal prior to creating the digital marketing strategy will ensure that you don’t end up in the wrong spot. Are you wanting to decrease cart abandonment? Increase your purchase amount? Enhance brand awareness or create a better customer loyalty program? Be specific.

It is important to realise that not all the areas are going to be a hit with just the one digital strategy. Evaluate the digital resources that you have already invested in so that you can determine whether they are working. You might have a little tweaking or do or, worst case, re-do the whole campaigns.

Probably at this time you have launched a digital campaign and ended up dropping cash on the tools in order to do it. Be sure that it is not uncommon for people to forget that you are subscribed for email blasts etc. Determine if it is still meeting your needs. With a new digital marketing strategy, you could revamp the previous marketing tools and then you can start getting a return on your investment.

The most common digital marketing channels are as follows:

Email marketing

Email communication is an easy and simple way to remain ahead with your customer base often. By sending out meaningful promotions and company updates, remind people that they have stuff still sitting in their online shopping cart and even ask for reviews from new and old customers. It helps to personalise the email with the recipient’s name and ensure when you send the email is not likely to be when the customers are on the clock.

Social Media

Social media gives you the power to pinpoint your target audience and it gives you the powerful tools in order to boost your digital marketing efforts. The best way to target your customer is to ask yourself: Are they a professional businessperson? If so, you want to focus more on the likes of Linkedln. If they are millennials, Instagram and Twitter would be more suited. You need to be meeting your clients where they are already at. 

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to better ways to use digital marketing:

  • Host a contest
  • Cross-promote a complimentary business
  • Go live on Instagram or Facebook
  • Report user-generated content 
  • Poll the followers

Content Marketing

It is important to be including related and valuable content on all digital marketing platforms as they will increase your chances of bringing in organic traffic. You can use blogs, infographics, videos and even whitepapers to draw customers right to you just on the search engine results.

Mobile Strategy

Having a mobile strategy can go in many directions but it will be determined on the resources that you have available to you. You can perform effective and valuable marketing through the use of social media and by having a mobile-friendly website. You can also create a mobile app which is beneficial to the as there are so many customisation possibilities.

Pay-to-Play Advertising

There are many options here including paid media ads and social media, pay per click ads and Google Adwords. You can create digital billboards where you can even choose the audience that views the advertisement and where you can maximise the ROI.

Is your building company ready for growth?

Is your building company ready for growth?

Growing a business isn’t easy; company owners have so many bases to cover – client support, training and managing employees, content promotion, new client acquisition. But with a good strategy and some expansion hacks available, you can attain the growth you have been hoping for.

Be social
If you’re not yet using social networking marketing as part of your general building marketing plan, now’s the time. Construction businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations, and these days, people ask for advice and recommendations on social websites – so treat your five stars Facebook and Google testimonials like gold.

Create meaningful and beneficial content for your small business blog, and frequently post links to your site on social networking. When people comment on your articles, reply professionally.Improve

Your website
An up-to-date website is vital for construction companies seeking to grow. Make it simple for people to find the information they’re seeking and encourage them to take another step by getting in contact with you.

Connect with influencers
Who are the influencers in the community construction industry? These relationships could result in referrals, marketing opportunities and much more.

Update your software
Updating your construction program can make your organisation run more effectively and earn additional tenders. By way of instance, by simplifying how you estimate and speeding up the period before takeoff, you will have the ability to get more done and use your additional profits for expansion.

Improve customer service
Make attempts to improve your customer support and encourage customers to depart online reviews and supply testimonials.

Build your authority
What is your building company particularly good at? If that’s the case, capitalise on that ability, and ensure that your marketing materials showcase your experience.

Score quick wins
Quick jobs generate rapid revenue and cash flow, which may be used for future expansion, so be watching for smaller projects, past jobs or crucial timing.